Alcohol Abuse in Abilene, TX

Every day across America people come home from work or go out to dinner and enjoy a beer, a cocktail, or a glass of wine with no negative effect to their life. Social drinking is a long-used term for an acceptable level of alcohol consumption done in a healthy environment. However, there is sometimes a thin line between having a good time and overdoing it when it comes to alcohol and alcohol abuse should be something on the minds of people who do drink regularly. If you or someone you know may have crossed over that line and need alcohol abuse rehab, contact us immediately for information on this problem and treatment programs in Abilene. Like anywhere else, alcohol abuse in Abilene is a real issue that needs addressing, and treatment and counseling professionals at an alcohol treatment center are available to help.

What is Alcohol Abuse?

There are many ways that alcohol abuse can occur in an individual. Over-drinking on a regular basis without being addicted to alcohol may be the most common and most easily noticeable. If someone you know is always the one who ends up being drunk when the rest of your group has had a moderate amount to drink, this might be someone who can benefit from alcohol abuse rehab. Do you or someone you know always have to have those extra drinks, like shots or doubles or drinks that include multiple alcohols, while everyone else is enjoying a glass of wine?

Have you ever blacked out or blacked out on multiple occasions during a night of drinking? Even if no one is going out for happy hour on a Friday night do you still feel the need to drink even if it's alone? All of these are signs of alcohol abuse and for those dealing with alcohol abuse in Abilene there are many avenues of assistance available at an alcohol treatment center near you.

Alcohol Abuse Signs and Symptoms

There are many signs and symptoms that can point to alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse can also lead to alcohol addiction, a disease that is part of the bigger drug addiction category. Typically it takes a long time for a person to become addicted to alcohol, but during the time that they should be seeking counseling at an alcohol abuse rehab program or contacting an alcohol treatment center, they can already be doing irreparable damage to their body and many aspects of their life.

Long before a person becomes addicted to alcohol they may show signs of abuse like cravings, loss of control, physical dependency, tolerance, and social and behavioral changes. Tolerance and dependency are signs that the person may be about to cross over into what would be an addiction to alcohol diagnosis. If you experience signs like these of alcohol abuse in Abilene, contact an alcohol addiction and abuse treatment program as soon as possible.

Dangers of Alcohol

Of the many signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse, some can be immediately dangerous and some are a danger to your long-term health. When someone drinks too much on more than one occasion, or even just once, it can result in engaging in risky behaviors such as drinking and driving, unprotected sex, fighting, and other activities that an individual would not engage in if they were sober. According to the CDC, 1 out of every 10 deaths of working age adults in the United States are alcohol-related.

People who have even one incident of alcohol abuse in Abilene should talk to one of the treatment and counseling professionals at an alcohol treatment center concerning the available alcohol abuse rehab educational information and programs.

Why Should I Enter an Alcohol Abuse Rehab? How is it Useful in Treating Alcoholism?

Too many people feel shame and embarrassment when it comes to needing to ask for help concerning a person issue -- especially one they might feel is of their own making -- like seeking treatment for drug or alcohol abuse. Those are two reasons why individuals do not seek help as soon as they should or sometimes ever, which can have tragic results.

We assist in planning and staging a drug addiction intervention in Abilene for convincing someone they need help. Alcohol abuse rehab can not only help someone stop the harmful effects alcohol is having on their health and life in general but make them realize how truly negative a part of their life their drinking has become. Entering a program at an alcohol treatment center can also introduce people to support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous which can lead to a long, successful, positive path where alcohol is not a factor in their lives.

Help with alcohol abuse in Abilene is readily available for all individuals, families, and loved ones who need to find answers. Call us now at (877) 804-1531.

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