Drug Addiction Intervention in Abilene, TX

Do you know someone who has gotten involved with drugs you think needs help? Do they seem on a course with disaster and don't seem to see it for themselves? Have you tried to have a talk with them and they've told you that you were overreacting and that they have everything under control? There are trained professionals at drug addiction intervention programs that can help educate you about the process of a drug addiction intervention. Interventionists and other drug treatment specialists take drug addiction intervention in Abilene very seriously and can educate you in all of the aspects of helping a family member, loved one, or work associate see that they need assistance with their drug problem. Reaching out to people who can help you with a drug addiction intervention in Abilene might save the life of someone you love.

Even prescription drug abuse in Abilene can become a larger problem if it persists. An interventionist at one of the drug addiction intervention programs will help you with the basics of what an intervention is, how to stage an intervention, what you can expect from an Intervention, and what happens if the intervention doesn't work.

What is an Intervention?

According to Intervention Support, An intervention is the process by which an addict's family, friends, counselors or professional intervention specialists can show the addict his destructive behaviors in a way that may result in the addict choosing to seek help immediately. The first step in someone deciding to get sober is for them to admit they have a problem and an intervention can help them get to that step. Experts say there are only two ways someone stops using drugs: getting help through a rehab program or overdosing.

Keeping the second one in mind, a drug addiction intervention may seem rough on everyone involved but it's much better than at least one of the alternatives. That's why drug addiction intervention programs are available, to help people who want to help their loved one stop damaging their life. A drug addiction intervention in Abilene can mean the difference between someone realizing they have a problem and continuing to spiral until something traumatic happens.

How to Stage an Intervention

The concept of a drug addiction intervention has become part of our culture, reinforced by popular fictional and reality TV shows like The Sopranos and Intervention, respectively. Due to this, society in general has become somewhat more knowledgeable concerning the reasons and the basic process of an intervention. When you speak to someone at a center for drug addiction intervention in Abilene they will explain that there are several different models that drug addiction intervention programs use depending on the situation.

These include the Johnson Intervention model, the Invitational model, the Field model, the Systemic Intervention model, and a motivational interviewing technique. One of the keys to a well-executed intervention is preparation. If for some reason you and your family members feel like you want to meet with your loved one without anyone from the outside present, it's still a very good idea to consult an interventionist so that they can help you put the proper work in beforehand. This can include choosing a venue for your drug intervention, working through who should attend, and creating a specific list of topics to cover.

What Can I Expect from an Intervention? What Happens if the Intervention Doesn't Work?

It would be amazing if specialists could tell you that if you have a drug addiction intervention with your loved one and you follow the steps prescribed by many drug addiction intervention programs, that the addict will see the error of their ways, set aside the drugs they've been using, and move forward in absolute sobriety. Sadly, this is not going to happen.

A successful intervention is one that results in the person seeking treatment programs in Abilene. Professionals that help you with a drug addiction intervention in Abilene can also assist in lining up options for drug and alcohol rehab programs. On the negative side, friends and family members need to present consequences to the addict in their lives and be prepared to cut ties with them because by remaining in relationships with the addict it is enabling them by indicating it's alright for them to continue using.

When considering whether you need to have an intervention or not, erring on the side of caution might be the best path to take. If a person has been using drugs or drinking and is not addicted, it can still be a good idea to sit them down and show them they have your support but drugs or alcohol are negatively affecting their life. Call us now for help (877) 804-1531.

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