Prescription Drug Abuse in Abilene, TX

Prescription drug abuse has become one of the biggest health problems in the United States over the past recent years. Drug rehab professionals work with people in almost every age bracket from every walk of life that have become addicted to or have been abusing prescription drugs. If you or a family member has engaged in prescription drug abuse in Abilene, it's never too soon to seek prescription drug abuse treatment with a drug rehab specialist or counselor.

A drug abuse treatment professional can educate you and your family on many of the facts about prescription drugs including what is designated as a prescription drug (as opposed to an over-the-counter medicine), why prescription drugs are so addictive, the health risks involved in prescription drug abuse, and treatment options for prescription drug abuse.

What is Prescription Drug Abuse?

Prescription drug abuse can occur in several different scenarios all of which can be dangerous to a person's health both from a misuse and from an addiction point of view. Prescription drugs are to be used by the person a doctor prescribes them to and only in the dosage that is directed by the medical professional in charge of a patient's care. Any deviation from this is considered prescription drug abuse and could require prescription drug abuse treatment programs in Abilene.

Many times people deviate from their doctor's orders and do what is sometimes referred to as self-medication, where they increase their dose because they think they know what their body or mind needs on a certain day or at a certain time. If a person ever feels like the drug they've been prescribed for pain or depression or any other reason is not having the expected effect, they should consult their doctor immediately.

Another form of prescription drug abuse is using someone else's prescription drug, with or without their knowledge. If your husband or wife was in an accident and they were prescribed pain medication, it is not ok for you to take any amount of their prescribed drug because you have aches or pains. If every day pain has become more severe than would be treated with over-the-counter medicines, then an individual should see their own doctor about the problem. If you're not sure if you have abused prescription drugs and want to find out more information about what would be considered abuse, a drug rehab or medical professional can answer any questions you may have.

Why are Prescription Drugs so Addictive

Prescription drugs can be especially addictive because many are designed to make you feel good and block in some way the pain or feelings of depression you are experiencing. If a prescription pain medication makes you feel good after you've had an accident then you might feel justified in continuing to take the drug even after the injuries caused by the accident have healed.

Prescription pain medications can give you the same euphoric feeling that an opioid derivative drug that you would by on the street offers and because they are not a street drug might seem safer or even ok to take even when not prescribed to you.

Health Risks for Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse in Abilene has drug rehab professionals working hard to educate people on the health risks involved. Rehab program staff members of prescription drug abuse treatment facilities know there is a long list of problems that can be caused by the abuse of prescription drugs. First of all, taking a drug in a dose not directed by a doctor can be fatal; it's as simple as that. If a person doesn't die from an overdose, they can have adverse reactions that are nearly as bad, including strokes, seizures, and heart attacks.

Additionally, someone who abuses prescription drugs can easily become addicted. Doctor are always on the lookout for people who are building up a tolerance to their pain medication even when taking it as directed. Thus a person who is taking more than their prescribed dosage or someone taking a prescription drug they weren't provided are even more susceptible to becoming addicted.

Treatment Options for Prescription Drug Abuse

Thankfully there are treatment options for people who have gotten involved with prescription drug abuse in Abilene. Prescription drug abuse treatment programs are available through drug rehab centers for anyone in Abilene or the surrounding areas. Treatment can and should include medically supervised drug detox in Abilene, inpatient rehab, and participation in an aftercare support group like Narcotics Anonymous or a similar drug-specific group.

If you have any questions, call and find out about prescription drug abuse treatment options available to you. Prescription drug abuse in Abilene is a serious problem but there are drug rehab centers ready to help you. Call us now for help (877) 804-1531.

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