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Drug relapse prevention is probably the most important aspect of recovery that is a part of every stage of an addict's journey to sobriety. Relapse prevention programs are part of rehabilitation, aftercare treatment and support, and drug detox in Abilene. Getting sober may be the toughest part of the recovery process but it is all for naught if a good drug relapse prevention plan is not put into place for the addict or alcoholic and they end up using or drinking again. Relapse prevention in Abilene is provided by treatment specialists that work with addicts from the first days of their sobriety to points in time when they have been sober for years or even decades.

Drug relapse prevention is an ongoing effort for addicts and their support systems and cannot be overemphasized when it comes to its importance and impact on a person's long-term health and sobriety. Relapse prevention programs that help addicts and alcoholics avoid using or drinking again can save their lives. The treatment specialists who work in relapse prevention is Abilene can assist addicts, alcoholics, and especially their family and loved ones with the basics about relapse prevention, the necessary relapse prevention tools, and the types of relapse prevention care services available to them.

What is Relapse Prevention?

Drug relapse prevention is the process of putting a plan in place for an addict or alcoholic to follow if they feel like they are going to use or drink again. Some plans have an active component, like going to weekly or even daily meetings with a support group so that on a regular basis the benefits of not using can be reviewed.

Support groups also give addicts and alcoholics an outlet to discuss times they felt or were thinking about using or drinking, a line of conversation people who are not addicts may not fully understand. In the end, relapse prevention is the idea of setting up a system, no matter how mundane, repetitive, or strange it might seem to an outsider, that is going to keep you from using or drinking again. Relapse prevention programs teach addicts and alcoholics all of the tools they need to put a proper plan together in order to avoid a setback that has them starting their recovery over from day one or worse.

Why are Relapse Prevention Tools Necessary?

Drug relapse prevention tools are necessary because they form a structured set of rules or steps for an addict to follow in order for them to stay sober and in moments where they feel weak take necessary actions In order to not use. There are some basics that start from day one of being sober. The first of which is to avoid high-risk situations for a relapse. This is actually accomplished in the beginning of recovery by the nature of their environment if an addict enrolls in an inpatient detox and rehab program.

During inpatient care, addicts are totally separated from any person, place or situation where they might have or typically would use drugs. This goes hand-in-hand with disassociating from bad influences which can include other addicts, recreational users, or just people who didn't care if you were using drugs or not.

Relapse Prevention Aftercare Services

Relapse prevention programs can help recovering addicts and alcoholics in finding the relapse prevention aftercare service that works best for them. One of the most popular and longest standing aftercare support groups is Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Dozens if not hundreds of aftercare support groups around the world have architected themselves after the AA 12-step model.

There are 12-step groups for almost every general area of addiction, like Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and for very specific groups that are all recovering from the same drug of choice, like heroine. One of the reasons why recovery specialists who work with relapse prevention in Abilene suggest popular groups like AA is because you can find an AA meeting almost anywhere you travel, from the Grand Canyon to a cruise ship departing out of New York City. There's never an excuse not to go to a meeting or reach out for support.

Relapse prevention programs can assist any recovery addict or alcoholic with relapse prevention in Abilene. Treatment programs in Abilene will help addicts build their set of tools so that they are prepared at every turn to deal with the feeling or thought that they might want to use again. Constant vigilance and activities like going to support group meetings will fight off relapses and keep recovering addicts and alcoholics on the positive and healthy path of recovery. Call us at (877) 804-1531.

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